Fire Alarm Systems Design & Consultancy Services

We offer the following design & consultancy services:

 Fire Detection & Alarm Systems Design & Consultancy Services

 Design & Design Review in accordence with codes based on location (NFPA, EN, BS, Vds, SNIP, SNT,..) 

 Preparation of Cause & Effect Matrix

 Systems Integration 

 Monitoring & Control for Fire Extinguishing Systems Devices

 Integration to Voice Evacuation (Sound) Systems

 Pressurization fans, smoke control fans and dampers integration

 Integration to Automatic Control System (monitoring, interlocking, event log,…etc.)

 Integration to Security System (Interlocking with access control systems, CCTV system alarm verification & control)

 Integration to Emergency Lighting System

 Integration to Emergency Exit Lighting System

 Integration to and interlocking with elevator control systems

 Integration  to Fire Department & Important Phones

 Emergency Evacuation Management 

 Integration to Fire Fighters’ Override Panel

 Gas Leakage Control Systems Monitoring

 Seismic Detection & Control Systems Monitoring


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