Building & Facility Code Consultancy

We offer design, consultancy, analysis & site inspection services based on the following codes & regulations:

 Turkish Fire Protection Regulationsi 2009 

 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code® 

 NFPA 5000 Building Construction and Safety Code

 IBC “International Building Code”

 BS 9999 ve "Approved Document”

 123_FZ  Federal law of 22.07.2008 N 123_FZ
Technical regulations for fire safety requirements 

 THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION FEDERAL LAW Technical regulations for fire safety requirements 

 SNIP 2_01_02_85 "Fire Prevention Code”

 SNIP 2_08_02_89 "Public Buildings and Structures"

 SNIP 2_09_02_89 "Industrial Buildings"

 SNIP 2_11_01_85 "Storage Buildings"

 SNIP 2_09_04_87 "Administrative & Accessory Buildings"

 SNIP 21.01-97 "Fire Safety of Building and Structrures"

 SNT 2.08.02-05 "Social Buildings"

 SNT 3.04.08-94 "Production Buildings"

 SNT 3.04.07-94 "Administrative & Public Buildings"

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